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Picture of TAX IMPORTS

Add time:2021-07-17 20:51:00

The CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS  focus on Hong Kong import and export transportation logistics for many years, has many branches and standardized transit warehouse, equipped with professional ERP system can track website query at any time, perfect customer service team, operations team, business team, customs clearance ability is outstanding, Hong Kong imported into mainland hackers international absolutely right!Professional to provide clients with tax package import and export of China and related services.The tax package imports mainly include: express way the tax package import tax package imports, general trade way, generally referred to as the Hong Kong imports.

Hong Kong express import process
       1. The approach you know the goods of detailed information, including name of commodity, usage, quantity, weight, volume and shape information, such as delivery address, shipping address, pick up the goods when need what file (according to the packing list or commercial invoice, bill of lading, delivery power of attorney), individual goods still need to provide the goods pictures.

 2. Offer - to the customer (oral or written), determine the freight rate, the Hong Kong delivery fees and incidental expenses such as generation, and then send the customer quotation confirmation by fax.

. Place the order - oral or written consent of the customer we offer, and when can pick up the goods, we give notice of delivery to the Hong Kong company, by the Hong Kong company colleague to pick up the goods, confirm the goods name, quantity, weight, at the same time.

      4. The receiving - Hong Kong delivery is door to door delivery or spot check the goods, check the packing list and commercial invoice.

      5. Tally - Hong Kong company number, label, do the goods list, fill in the waybill, into the computer system, etc.

       6. Customs declaration - Hong Kong company barcode, fill the Courier waybill, the cargo list sent to customs agents, customs clearance agent to make customs declaration and send the EDI data to the customs.The Hong Kong company loading the, dahuang port car pass the examination.

7. Port of customs clearance operations - cars arrived in the port express regulation center, by our customs broker to assist in document examination, inspection, taxation, customs release each link.


8. - customer phone call or SMS the arrival of the notice.


9. Delivery - need to delivery to do delivery note, bill, arrange delivery.


10. Tracking service, telephone service: listen to and record customer comments, update notification. 

the last:DOOR TO DOOR

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