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Hong Kong and around the world ATA exhibition transport of goods

CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS has a Hong Kong, 28 sets and more than 100 international cargo professionals, has more than 2000 square meters warehouses in shenzhen/Hong Kong, and professional handling workers, professional undertaking: international exhibition of goods transport, such as Germany, the United States, Egypt, baking exhibition;Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and other machinery exhibition;Mexico, dubai, Brazil candy.;Such as international shipping.As a professional international exhibition goods transport business, our company has many years of experience in the transport of the exhibits, especially in the form of ATA documents of the customs declaration of international transportation experience.With many years of professional experience in exhibition transportation and transportation and the particularity, recognizing the importance of professionalism and our company will, as always, with the most preferential price, best quality professional services to ensure that your exhibits safe, timely, accurately reach the booth.
Exhibition routes: Europe/north/South America/Middle East India and Pakistan before consulting and provide professional transport scheme
/ southeast Asia/Australia/Russia all exhibition logistics services such as the state - land/sea/air
One-stop service to arrange temporary or permanent import and export customs declaration formalities
"Point to point" or "door to door" service, warehousing service: exhibits tally, stick a label, and packing and so on
Tailor-made logistics solutions The onsite management and teams
Professional exhibition services After the exhibition logistics service - tools or transshipment
The insurance business
ATA document copies 


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