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Transportation chain to provide customers with more perfect service, solve the problem of risk control in transport of the goods, CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS huge amount of resources, enabled us to get the insurance company in insurance rates and claims processing is extremely favorable conditions, through CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS international internal insurance agent online insurance operations, can be directly to your customer directly to the bill of lading and insurance policy, implementation of CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS, insurance companies, and the client's tripartite win-win cooperation.

Transportation, insurance, a fix

You just in the consignment note indicate the insurance demand, show insurance conditions, has completed the formalities of cargo transportation insurance.Dispense fill out insurance application, waiting for the bill of lading number, name of vessel voyage, etc to insurance and proofreading complex links such as back and forth.Bill of lading, insurance policy one-time accurate, timely to your hand.

To save time, energy and more money
Due to our collection of insurance business, to cooperate with the insurance company, we have made more favorable than the market price of insurance.We promise, handle the insurance through us, must be more favorable than you directly to the insurance company to buy insurance.Due to our good cooperation with the insurance company, the goods when be or get out of danger, the carrier and the insurance company does not exist between mutual shuffle, delay compensation.We reached an agreement with the insurance company for small pay, will simplify compensation procedures, enable quick pay channels.


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