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Transportation of Dangerous Goods (DG)

Dangerous goods class

Due to the physical and chemical characteristics of dangerous goods, their entire transportation process must be carried out under strict regulations and regulations. Therefore, shipowners, shipping companies, customs, international organizations and so on have formulated a variety of requirements for safe transportation. There needs to be coordination between different departments.

All of these factors contribute to the complex operation of dangerous goods.

In the past, although some carriers have been using internal systems to regulate the transport of dangerous goods, there has never been a systematic international regulation to regulate the operation of the transport of dangerous goods. As a result, the operating procedures of different carriers are different and unrelated.

After a series of accidents, people realized that the best way to improve maritime safety is for all shipping countries/regions to work together to develop a set of international rules.

Thus, a standard for the transport of dangerous goods -- IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) was born. It classifies dangerous materials according to their different physical and chemical properties:

Level 1: Explosives

Grade 2: Gas

Class 3: flammable liquids

Class 4: flammable solids, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, substances that give off flammable gases in contact with water

Grade 5: oxidants and organic peroxides

Class 6: toxic and infectious substances

Grade 7: Radioactive material

Grade 8: Corrosive

Class 9: miscellaneous hazardous substances and articles

Our Services

At CargoDirect Logistics, we have a professional and reliable hazardous goods technical management team. Our Latin America (LAT)/Asia Pacific (APT), Europe (EUT) and North America (NAT) all have their own operational processes, which cover the scope of the application and approval of all hazardous goods. Our Dangerous Goods Technical Management Team will answer any questions, provide con


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