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Latin America

CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS is known for its innovative approach to expanding multimodal transportation networks. We carefully plan to combine different forms of intermodal transport services with trunk services through feeder services, barges, container trucks and block trains, air, express, air, sea, door to door, door to port. FBA one-stop service, for the entire Latin America to provide a close, efficient and effective transportation network.


CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS is known for its innovative approach to expanding multimodal transportation networks, especially in China. CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS pioneered the introduction of intermodal transport services in China, with intermodal barge services connecting 35 ports throughout the Yangtze River and Pearl River deltas, and feeder networks covering 13 ports along the coasts of North, Central and South China. Through our cargo hub in Kaohsiung, our services reach all small ports in Japan. Dedicated routes link emerging markets to Singapore's cargo hub and allow goods to be transported quickly to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The European

CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS's pan-European multimodal service network covers 40 major ports throughout Europe. CARGODIRECT LOGISTICS's three European services connect Western Europe with the Scandinavian-Baltic (Finland, Poland, Russia) and Iberia (Spain, Portugal) regions. These services help customers develop new markets by connecting Asia and North America with ocean-going and intra-European services. In addition, the CargoDirect Express, a special daily train service between Southampton and Manchester, provides customers with high quality and reliable inland transport services. In continental Europe, hacker international is developing barge and train connections between strategically located hub ports. To the east of the Mediterranean, we also provide a network of feeder ships via Gioia Tauro.

In North America

Railroads are the dominant form of multimodal transport in the United States and Canada. Hack International works closely with major train service providers (BNSF, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Union Pacific), The fastest and most reliable service to the heart of North America. Regular double-deck container trains link ports on the east and west coasts with major inland areas and distribution centres.


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