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China's 13 products dominate the global list! The US is buying $1.64 trillion worth of Chinese goods


It is understood that recently, some foreign media in the current mainstream goods and services market analysis, including smart phones, computers, home appliances (washing machines and air conditioners) camera, 15 categories of goods, Chinese enterprises accounted for 30% of the market share, of which 13 categories, Chinese enterprises hold the world's highest share.

China's development in the battery and LCD panel industry is the most vigorous, data statistics show that in 2015, China's enterprises in the LCD panel market share ratio is only 6.6%, now the enterprise market share can reach 35.4%. IT is widely used in the manufacture of large, medium and small size LCD panels for displays, printers, LCD screens and other IT products. The supply of China's BOE Technology Group (BOE) ranks first in the world.

In addition, by 2020, China's battery manufacturing giant Ningde Times ranked first in the installed battery rate in the world, so far, it has been the first for four consecutive years, and the company has almost won the battery supply orders of the world's mainstream car companies.

Thus it can be seen that China is the "factory of the world". Foreign media also believe that it is very difficult for other countries to completely leave the Chinese market, even if the United States has strengthened its domestic production, but it is very difficult to completely separate itself from the Chinese supply chain.

In fact, the United States is currently suffering from high inflation, really can not leave our commodity market. Statistics show that China exported nearly 1.64 trillion yuan of goods to the United States in the first six months of this year, up 31.7 percent from the same period last year.

In addition, foreign media have reported that americans are buying Protective products from China. Between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021, the United States purchased 54.03 million pairs of goggles, more than 43.85 billion surgical masks and nearly 1.19 billion pairs of surgical gloves from China. According to media analysis, nine out of every 10 goods that Americans buy in China come from the Chinese market.

The US is also looking for ways to wean itself off our supply chain. President Joe Biden plans to create new systems for sourcing rare earths, semiconductors, medical products, supply chains and electric vehicles, and to forge partnerships with Allies to promote new supply chains to wean the country off its dependence on Chinese suppliers.

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