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Company Vision: to become one of the freight company customer relish
Business philosophy: win-win result
Service tenet: people-oriented to glorious unity, love and common development
Working policy: professional, concentrate, focused

The values of the company:
Company and personal relationship: the company is the stage of personal career achievement, it is a community of interests of employee value.
Mixer stage is large enough to have good development space. 
Stage for you, you can find their own positioning. 
Stage value, as long as you have pursuit, there must be richly rewarded.
The company's management idea:
Efficiency first, rewards and punishment, salary management.Sure employees work performance, no egalitarianism.
Harmonious coexistence, equality, mutual respect.Company to create an optimal working environment for employees.
To nurture, pay attention to talent reserves.From the company's development to shoulder the responsibility of training subordinates.

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